Our Services

Let our team take care of the dirty work

We are dedicated to providing a quality service, with a high level of customer satisfaction at a competitive rate.
Our services are available in all major capital cities and our mobile team members come to you at a time that suits you.

Car Cleaning Exterior
Exterior Hand Wash

Treating your car to a professional hand wash will leave the car sparkling clean and unlike a machine wash, our team will get into those hard to reach spots.

Professional detailer vacuuming carpet of car interior, using steam vacuum
Interior Detailing

No matter how hard we try to keep our car clean, dirt and grime can build up over time, so why not go a little further and book a detail with your next service.

Car Sale Detailing
Preparation For Sale

When you sell your vehicle, it is a great idea to ensure it is clean inside and out, so that you can showcase it at its very best and obtain the best sale price.

Why Choose Us

A Professional Service

Our team love to bring your car back to life with a little care and attention. They will travel to you and provide a professional service that will ensure the next time you need to get your car cleaned, or detailed, that Formula Car Detailing will be your only port of call.

Experienced Team

We can deliver stunning results

We know a professional clean is always better than doing it yourself as not only do you get to use your time for other things, a professional clean by an expert from Formula Car Detailing will always look better than doing it yourself.

Our team can assist with regular cleaning of your vehicle so that you have one less thing to worry about on your list of chores, or if you are preparing to sell your vehicle we can provide an extensive detailing package.

Whether we are cleaning one car or a whole fleet, you will love the service provided by our professional team at Formula Car Detailing.


We offer multiple services
Exterior Service
In addition to washing your vehicle, we will hand towel dry the exterior, provide a wheel shine and tire dressing and apply a protective wax coating.
Interior Service
Our interior service covers everything from vacuuming every surface, to cleaning the interior windows, wiping down all interior surfaces including the door tracks and seals.
Full Service
If you want your vehicle to appear as it if just rolled off production line, then this is the service for you. We are also happy to customise the level of service by combining selected items from the exterior and interior services in order to deliver the finish you desire.
Special Occasions

Have you got a special occasion coming up and your vehicle needs to look stunning. Let Formula Car Detailing to get it ready for the big day.

Buying or Selling

Whether you are selling a car, or you have just bought a new car, our team can make it look showroom perfect, just like the professional car yards.


Anyone who has been a long journey, especially into the country, knows that your vehicle is always in need of a good clean on your return.


This is one thing we are all short of these days, so instead of spending your precious time cleaning, let our team do the hard work for you.